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Our scope of work incompasses consultancy, development, project management and investments. Beside our investment activities and projects our team delivers service of consultancy, development and project management in the process of development and investment in projects of real-estate sector. Specific to croatian market we are offering development as service providing.

Our services which we deliver as service provider are divided into Modules of services which consist from packages of services specific to certain project or investment phase.

Complete services (PDF)


   Our first module of services is the Acquisition. As a first step in creating added value we offer services related to identification and acquisition of location or identification of the project and its acquisition. Directly related to the acquisition service we offer Due Diligence.

Due diligence

   In the acquisition phase of the project site or project we recommended to conduct the analysis of the location or conduct due diligence of the project, which could be decisive for further decisions concerning the location or project. Due diligence can be run as a review, analysis and assesment of the site, of existing projects in realisation, of constructed facilities, as well as projects in development as the review and assesment of the project. We are conducting a full scale technical and legal due dilligence with scope on urbanistic planing, construction, enviromental legislative, ownership legislative and permitts. hublot replica sale

Location development

   Location development is the basis for the development of Masterplan. Under Location development primarily a location consisting of more land plots whose development reflects the wider area is being developed. Result of the Location development is optimal Masterplan. Masterplan and Development study ( Usage concept, Spacial and functional programme, Feasibility and Analysis) are basis for planing the Detailed urban plan (DPU) and Urban Development Plan (UPU) and are also necessary foundation in the processes of changing the General urban plans (GUP). In our development we are managing all topics of construction and enviromental legislative. replica watches uk

Project development

   Project development develops individual land plots, or units. Output of project development is an optimal Usage concept, Spacial and functional programme, Feasibility study and Analysis of project. Result of the project development is preliminary concept which with the architectural concept serves as the basis for the idee project in further processes of obtaining permits. replica watches uk

Preparation of the project and obtaining of permits

   Preparation of the project, includes all activities necessary for the process of eventually needed change of urban planning and coordination of preparation and confirmation of detailed urban plans, obtaining permits necessary for the approval of construction (location permit and certificate of the main project / building permit), it also includes coordination of services related to the design, enviromental studies and applications, permitt process and performance of infrastructure. tag heuer replica sale

Project management

   Project management service allows Investor to delegate all of complexity and burden of project to a professional team led by the referenced project leader, from us nominated head of project. In scale of defined budget and milestones for Investor the project is being managed. Under the scope of work of this service we offer Project Stearing. A special part of the services is Construction Management. fake louis vuitton

Investor representation

   Investor representation can encompass all of our packages offered. Primarily Investor representation includes the integration of all services and conductment of project management and stearing through the defined cycle of project or through the entire project. Our expert team and our appointed head of project on behalf of the investor takes all the necessary discussions, negotiations and activities, and it thus represents investor and his interests in the development process and in the process of construction. On construction completion within this service we coordinate obtaining a usage permit and eventually needed confirmation of minimum technical requirements.This service is tightly combined with project management service.


   Under the commercialization we provide consulting services to our client in the selling, letting or seeking partners for his project or property. As a first step we set up a strategy of commercialization. Our client can also count on our broad network of contacts that go back into ten years of our business activity and make a circle of renowned investors and commercial users of real estate, hotel investors, logistics investors and equity partners.